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We have developed a number of methodologies tailored to small business needs, designed to meet different requirements in a scientific, quick, economical, and practical manner.



Often, business owners and managers find difficult to improve sales and profits.

Our team of professionals will help and guide you step by step on how to improve your business performance.

Advisory Committee

This is a meeting service which occurs weekly, biweekly or monthly with a team of consultants of DelfinoCo to accompany the management team in making strategic and tactical decisions of marketing your business.


The Committee helps to improve the current management of the business of marketing and the implementation of specific plans. It also helps find solutions to the specific challenges that arise



ProductTry is a service comprised of professional consultants who evaluate the different components of a product, from the concept of the product to the elements that shape it.

This service helps minimize the risk associated with launching a new product and maximize your investment results on releases or reissues.


DelfinoCo will help you avoid costly mistakes and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of advertising by testing pieces before and after you launch your marketing campaign.


We use cost-effective qualitative and quantitative processes to evaluate and analyze the message variables and media strategies regarding your product positioning in order to get the best results in communication.


ValuePrice can allow you to increase profit margins, while maintaining a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Creating value over a targeted segment of the market can have a great impact and benefit for your business rather than trying to compete on prices.


Whether you have an established business or you have an idea of the business you want to create, we will help you execute your ideas.


At DelfinoCo, we analyze your product or service, price, place and promotion, to evaluate the characteristics of the demand for different types of businesses like yours in the American Market. These studies will allow us to adjust to the needs of the target audience which increases the speed of selling.

Market Diagnoses

By utilizing DefinoCo’s Market Diagnosis services, your business will be able to not only properly identity the markets they are operating in, but will put you a step ahead of the competition. We have developed two distinct diagnosis to aid your business growth.


Our Comprehensive Market Diagnosis is a report of the market you are doing business in, easy to understand, and apply to the reality of your business. Then our Supply and Demand Diagnosis is a report to let you understand the characteristics of demand at different levels. This reports let you take informed decisions, to maximize performance and focus on specific areas of improvement.




PromoAssist concept has been developed having in mind businesses who implement their own marketing plans, and may even have their own marketing teams, but require some help to fully implement their plans.


We will provide all the necessary means, such as, media experts, logistics, equipment, manpower, graphic and web designers, transportation, and more. This solution is tailored to help you generate significant brand awareness. PromoAssist will provide you with cost efficient promotional support.


At DelfinoCo we have developed three value adding plans that will aid your business growth while meeting and overcoming all the challenges you may face.


We understand your varied needs and therefore give you the ability to customize your branding essentials. You can also choose consulting advice to continually support your successful social presence growth.

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