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NEW RELEASE: DCo Community Fund & DCo Negocios


As part of the constant renewal and growth of our company, our CEO & founder, Giovanni Delfino, launched the new DelfinoCo website at a renowned Peruvian restaurant in the metropolitan area. Cebiche House, a traditional Peruvian restaurant well known for their strong ties with their community, was the chosen venue. Giovanni reveals that he decided to do the event in this location for a very strong reason. Cebiche House is recognized as a place that strongly supports tradition and the conservation of Peruvian culture, by keeping it alive inside and outside their walls. In the other hand, DelfinoCo was not only launching a new website, but also new activities and divisions directed to serve and support the community, DelfinoCo Community Fund and DelfinoCo Negocios.

As one of our main efforts to support the growth and development of the Hispanic business community, DelfinoCo Community Fund was created. This new division in our company is in charge of the organization of business community events and collaborate with other organizations in benefit of the same cause.

To support the cause, we created a division called DelfinoCo Media, as a center for the management of information and business news. As a result, we decided to launch DelfinoCo Negocios, a website targeted to the Hispanic small business community. It was also announced that our company forged a partnership with a regional Hispanic newspaper, called El Comercio Newspaper, for the distribution of a printed version.

DelfinoCo is committed to the economic and social development of our community, and we are proud to invite everyone to find more information at!community-fund/c1slu

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