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DCCF: Hispanic Business & Entrepreneurship Forum


In partnership with USG Student Life Services, DCCF co-organized the first Hispanic Business Forum in campus, with the participation of the presidents of Montgomery County and Maryland Hispanic Chambers of Commerce.

In celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month, the DelfinoCo Community Fund partnered with USG Student Life Services to coorganize the first Hispanic Business & Entrepreneurship Forum. This forum was moderated by Giovanni Delfino, CEO of DelfinoCo, and Mario Angulo, president of the student council. The panel was honorably and proudly integrated by Enrique Melendez, president of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Raul Medrano, president of the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The forum was greatly attended by students of various majors, inclunding Accounting, Healthcare, Business, Social Work, Political Science, and more. Students had the opportunity to attend and learn about the evolution of Hispanic business in Montgomery county and the state of Maryland, as well as Hispanic entrepreneural success stories and leaders, such as Mayorga Coffee and Sonia Sotomayor, respectively.

The forum concluded successfuly, after interesting questions from the audience and a special message from the panel to encorage an active civic life. The panel didn't miss the opportunity and encoraged the audience to vote and be a role model for their generation and generations to come.

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