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5 Excellent Tips to Expand your Facebook Marketing in 2015


By Brian Vargas

Congratulations, your business made it into the new year. Similar to how we welcome in the new year, your business on social media, like Facebook, can welcome in new audiences. The question remains, “What strategies must we learn to attract new audiences on Facebook”? Well, provided is a personal recommendation list of vital marketing strategies every small business needs to implement and educate themselves on to gain expansion in the social media marketing world. So, make a new years resolution for your small business to expand and grow appropriately by using these provided strategies and the rewards will be endless.

Don't be private!

Be private in your personal life if you must, but not in the small business world. When you are marketing your small business on any social network platform, its vital to be visible to everyone at all times. Hiding yourself to potential customers is like shooting yourself in the foot. Statistically speaking, there are 1.35 billion monthly active Facebook users (Source: Facebook as of 10/28/14). You never know who is watching, so let the world see what you have to offer in this New Year.

Tone down sales-driven posts on Facebook

If you have yet to hear, Facebook is changing its whole marketing algorithm in 2015. One main reason why Facebook is changing its marketing procedure is because more and more businesses are aggressively posting sales-driven content, as opposed to helpful and valuable content that will provide positive insight to their audience. This aggressive sales approach is turning off many Facebook users, forcing them to unfollow or hide your posts. Facebook is trying to venture away from this past approach, as they want to make Facebook’s user experience more attractive and enjoyable. So in 2015, Facebook is taking the charge and is reducing the number of overly promotional page posts. Therefore, if businesses are prompted to change their Facebook marketing strategy, there will be more valuable content given to their audiences. Because of this reduction, businesses will have to pick and choose the most valuable posts possible to share with their audiences.

Post your best content consistently

Ever heard the phrase "put your best foot forward", well that’s exactly what small businesses need to practice with social media marketing. Its absolutely unquestionably essential to post content on Facebook's news feed that’s attracts perspective audiences to like and comment on. Facebook's news feed allows for comments and likes to be made, the more interaction; likes and comments the longer the post will be visible on the news feed, allowing more and more chances of interaction.

Actively communicate with your audience

Practicing interpersonal communication; communicating back and forth with another is vital for the success and the longevity of your Facebook page. If you want to receive engagement on your Facebook Page, you need to also engage with your audience. If you receive a comment or like, like and communicate back keeping a communication channel open. This allows for you to interact with your audience, which makes them feel appreciated at the same time.

Motivate your team

One of the simplest way to expand your Facebook is to motivate your team of employees to actively interact with your Facebook page. The heavier interaction; likes, shares, clicks, your Facebook posts receive the more you can expand your Facebook. Having and establishing a well-informed team that is passionate about social media and the companies appearance is key to long-term social media marketing.

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