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Sustainable Inspirations: The Creation of the Sustainable Development Club

“Our main concern is to help increase the quality of life in our region while solving the social issues with sustainable solutions” ~ Giovanni Delfino, CEO & Founder at DCCF. It has been justified countless times that when an idea is impactful, sustainable, and meaningful, it has the potential to stimulate influence in others and may create something just as revolutionary. Well, that’s just what happened with a new organization at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG), the Sustainable Development Club (SDC). The SDC is a new club created and organized by DelfinoCo interns, currently students at USG, looking to move forward and bring the importance of sustainability to their campus. DelfinoCo Community Fund (DCCF) has influenced SDC heavily in its commitment to building relationships for social entrepreneurship and social development practices. In mirroring DCCF, SDC has fostered ideas in environmental action, community involvement, and economic growth around Montgomery County, Maryland. As the interim President of the SDC, my fellow club constituents and I are grateful that DCCF taught us how to think like social entrepreneurs, and supported us in the organizational and creative process to make it possible. The significance that not only should we live and progress throughout our communities, but also help sustain and develop them for a better tomorrow is invaluable. This is a very exciting time to be a member of SDC, change and assistance in our community is imminent. Now, by scheduling events, workshops, and seminars in sustainable practices, by promoting the creation of sustainable projects, we as constituents of SDC feel we can make a positive impact on the surrounding community of Montgomery County. Sustainable Development Club Goals: 1.) Encourage community prosperity by promoting sustainable development programs designed to strengthen and enhance business opportunities and social development within Montgomery County. 2.) Identify and overcome obstacles that are detrimental to a sustainable community growth. 3.) Support social and cultural programs designed to increase the functional and aesthetic values of the community. 4.) Promote the empowerment of our community through progressive learning.

About Universities at Shady Grove

Established in fall 2000, the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) is a facility located in Rockville, Maryland, United States, that offers career-oriented higher education courses to residents of Montgomery County, Maryland and its surrounding region. The facility offers only third and fourth year undergraduate and graduate level courses which are provided by nine Maryland degree-granting institutions, each of which offers selected classes from their respective curricula. USG’s mission is “To support and expand pathways to affordable, high-quality public higher education that meet the distinctive needs of the region and are designed to support workforce and economic development in the state; to achieve these goals through partnerships and collaborations with academic, business, public sector and community organizations that promote student success, high academic achievement and professional advancement.” The Universities at Shady Grove is a member of the University System of Maryland.

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