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DCCF Peruvian American Affairs Committee of Washington

The DelfinoCo Community Fund (DCCF) is a division of DelfinoCo dedicated to community affairs for sustainable relations and development. The DCCF is a "think-and-action tank", We carry out policy research and campaigning, working directly with companies, experts, organizations, and decision makers; to advocate for sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship. We are a division of DelfinoCo and we generate our income from the work we do and use it to fund more work on the issues which our experience and research tell us make a sustainable difference.

DelfinoCo was funded and managed by Giovanni Delfino, who was born in Peru, moved to the USA with his family at the age of 16 years old, who also became an active supporter of the Peruvian community and a promoter of Peru in the Washington metropolitan area. This personal passion for his heritage and dedication eventually leaded to the creation of a special committee called the Peruvian American Affairs Committee.

The Peruvian American Affairs Committee didn't only made sense but it was also needed to maintain a constant communication between the organization and the community. As a committee of the DCCF, the Peruvian American Affairs Committee is responsible of discussing the issues of the Peruvian American community, for us to be able to turn those issues into opportunities for social value creation, and act upon them directly or through our partners.

We are very well known for our active support to the community, we are proud of having renovated our commitment consistently for the past few years, and we are ready to face the challenges to come.

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