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What Innovation Really Is

Applying creativity is an important part of innovation. Innovation is the creation of any product, goods and services or processes that is characterized as something new, perfected, and coming out of the conventional, or not repeated or common. The innovators are always in a creative and productive mental state to develop what they had in mind.

Do not be confused, being a creative person is to be innovative. For example, works of arts, businesses, processes, etc. they don’t just stay in the imagination, they work to make it come to reality and it gives them life and real sense.

In business terms innovation is something not often seen, as many are afraid to take risks since they are not sure of the success of what they wanted to invent. But this attitude of businesses also face complications, because the lack of innovation and risk bearing can kill a company. Today there are lot of competition, so, today's markets should be designed consistently, and that is where innovation is the best resource for survival and persistence over time.

Innovators are open to the world, they are the cause of the new and modern changes around us. In the book “The Innovator's DNA”, it indicates that there are certain characteristics that handles an innovator, such as observing, associating, experimenting, questioning and discovering.

Innovation is an excellent way to overcome the competition, move to the head of the industry and most transcendental, on new ways of fortifying profit margins and larger inflows of money. This is a crucial and central factor of success and failure in the long term business.

Difference between invention and innovation

While they have almost the same value and are often chaotic, but both are of two different concepts. Different ideas and inventions are given every day. Couple of the ideas and invention are great and are of good use, but innovation and great ideas are known and eventually became part of our everyday life. New inventions where brought up by the industrial revolution, but the innovators behind these inventions did the crucial aspect of it. When you understand the alteration between the two subjects, you will have the knowledge of what makes a good idealistic invention.

The invention involves two different ideas. Theoretically, we can say that it is the act of erecting a thought or an idea to original, but specifically an invention is to create an element or device. The invention relates to the creation in all its forms. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as "Anything invented as a substance of the imagination or a method, process which originated after the study and experimentation".

Innovation is the process of conveying inventions to our world. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes it as "introducing something new or a new idea”. Innovation is the result of a creative process that introduces a purpose or use.

Invention to Innovation

Innovative thinking are ideas and operations to convey inventions to our world. Therefore, Innovation is the commercial part of the invention. When set accurately, invention and innovation look so similar, nevertheless, while the invention relates to the creation, innovation is the use of that creation and for a great purpose. According, "the invention has nothing to do with viable success, while innovation has a lot to do with that."

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