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DelfinoCo and HCCMC Co-organized Business Networking

As part of the celebration of DelfinoCo's anniversary, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Montgomery County (HCCMC) and DelfinoCo co-organized a Business Networking on Wednesday, April 5 at the new HCCMC offices.

Giovannni Delfino, CEO and founder of DelfinoCo, and Daniel Parra, President of HCCCM, gave some welcome words to Chamber's members, members of DelfinoCo Community, business leaders and guests from the area's business community.

The event announced the opening of the HCCMC new offices and the partnership established between the two organizers. This association consists primarily on contributing to the diffusion of the Chamber's activities in the DelfinoCo channels, as well as developing business events together.

Finally, it was announced that DelfinoCo Community Fund, better known as DCCF, is undergoing by process of rebranding and will be called Community DelfinoCo. It is also working on partnerships with chambers of commerce and other economic development organizations in order to collaborate on behalf of the business community.

About DelfinoCo Community

DelfinoCo Community is a business network that focuses on organizing business events, such as networking groups, seminars, workshops and summits in benefit of its members and the community.

As a division of DelfinoCo, it generates its income from its own work and uses it to fund more programs on the issues that according to its experience and research make a sustainable difference.

For more information, visit:

About the HCCMC

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Montgomery County, known as HCCMC, has the mission of promoting the development and economic growth of the Hispanic community in Montgomery County, Maryland.

For more information, visit:

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