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Following the Family Tradition of Leading with Servant Leadership

Written By: Timothy La

Edited By: Fernando Meza

The first leaders we meet in our life are often our parents. Nicole Quiroga learned about leadership at a young age. Her mother was a part of one of the founding groups of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Seeing how her mother helped many people accomplish their goals of operating successful businesses and improving the community inspired Nicole to step up to lead the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GWHCC) as president in August 2017.

This move was monumental for Nicole because it can be difficult and strenuous for many to come into a new environment as the leader. Organizations fall apart due to the lack of leadership and guidance. Clients and customers move onto other companies because of their doubts of new leadership.

Determined and passionate, Nicole made the transitional year for the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a smooth transition. Individuals who a part of this organization remain strong and committed in their work of helping grow businesses in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Spending a vast amount of time and energy into creating the business can make it challenging to allow others to help. However, without help and positive improvements, it is not surprising 9/10 new businesses fail within the first two years. Nicole enjoys working for the GWHCC. She wants all businesses, small and big to succeed. Her favorite moments as president are gaining the trust of business owners and being able to fulfill the responsibility of enhancing businesses.

Nicole thinks of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as a hub of commerce. The chamber has many programs and resources to help move businesses forward. Programs include capacity building to help small business needs, B2B connections to advance businesses, advocacy through its government affairs committee, and their international program and opportunities. Resources serve a multitude of uses from starting a business to expanding the business. More information can be found on the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce website.

The GWHCC has groundbreaking plans for 2018. Nicole, some of her team members, and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser will be taking a trip to El Salvador later this year. In addition, their 9th Annual Business Expo will occur on March 16, 2018. These successful business expos have given many individuals opportunities to connect with over 1,200 new clients, elected officials, and local business owners. Nicole believes the event will be bigger and better than ever!

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