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Why Working Out in Malls is More Enticing than a Cinnamon Roll?

Written By: Timothy La

Edited By: Fernando Meza

The popularity of fitness has never been more prevalent in social media trends. Well-known celebrities on Instagram and Snapchat are constantly uploading videos of themselves exercising. This type of content inspires viewers to follow these dedicated icons and to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to improve their physique. This attention to health and fitness has played a factor into gym memberships increasing every year. Men and women are adding gyms to their daily routines. Large real estate developments such as shopping malls have noticed this business trend and are taking advantage of the fitness movement.

A gym membership is not a service that can be conducted strictly through the internet. With businesses turning their attention to electronic commerce and cloud computing, it is no surprise that shopping malls are in decline. It is not appealing for consumers to visit malls as it was before. Many consumers are turning to the internet in order to buy merchandise but retail stores are still needed for products like food and gym services. This has business owners asking the question, “would adding gyms appeal to more shoppers?”

Adding amenities to shopping malls is not something new. White Flint Mall, which closed in January 2015, had Dave & Busters. Montgomery Mall has Arclight Cinemas and Tyson Corner Mall has AMC theater.

The difference entertainment facilities and gyms is the frequency of customers that visit. Not many people will attend the mall every week to spend money on entertainment, but with the growing trend in fitness, shopping malls that include popular fitness centers could see an increase in consumers.

Shopping malls are valuable assets for real estate development. They attract local residents and draw in new ones. To keep malls from being “dead malls,” is to keep up with the trend.

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